Monday, September 04, 2006

Globe at 190

The atmosphere is true, the feeling runs to the perfect nth degree, and the line and shape of the hills are accurate, but the details are from memory and imagination.
A tractor path does lead up the side of an orange grove and points to a house at the top of the hill skirting Hatchet Peak at the intersection of two roads leading to and from Springville, but the house on the hill is not the grand stucco knob I've made it, all the oaks are arbitrarily placed, and the palms have been replanted, with paint, to frame the scene, one scene made of several.
Still, I know exactly where I am.
This is the view out over the Jessup's front drive.
This is a quick watercolor of Mineral King.
Beth took the photographs. She was brilliant with the reflections in the glass of the frame.

Below is Mt Fuji for Linda.

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