Thursday, June 22, 2006

Six small paintings

This and the five below are the first paintings posted in a year or more. They are also the first paintings painted in six months. They are 10x10 inches, acrylic on canvas: they take up where I left off after the Club cartoons, the UpTown Nightclub panels last summer, and the work done in Spain last fall. They are not yet signed or varnished. Grace Redfield Wilson took the photos.
I will post the Club cartoons, the Club panels, the Spanish work and some UpTown poster work one day soon.
The guitarist above is playing Eric Satie, but thinking about Carles Casagemas, the Catalan suicide, the unfortunate friend of Picasso, who may or may not have started his Blue Period with the death of Carles. I am not happy with the upper lip of the guitarist. He looks like he has an unintended moustache.
Below is an un-named chanteuse singing "The Ballad of Casagemas" while the guitarist plays.

Below is "Carlotta" with a blooming Tuolumne cactus and little Chica the Chihuahua at the imagined Romeria Virgin Victoria 2006 in Martos. You can watch and listen to it here at You Tube.

"Paula" is below. She is wearing her mama's grass skirt and the red rubber washing -up gloves at her fish bowl with Ufie the cat in the early hours of the morning, singing to the dawn.

This is Saint Amador, the patron Saint of Martos, with his heart, his guitar and a blooming cactus.

Below is the last one. The child is my memory of El Nino de Atocha from the card given to me free by the clerk at a Health and Spiritualist book store near a Redondo Beach laundromat the same day I stepped in the lucky dog shit and found a dime.

I like the vase a lot, liked painting it. I think I may change the arm of the mother to a more sympathetic attitude.