Tuesday, February 09, 2010

13 more characters from The Search

Mme de Cambremer after a strenuous session of music,
her diamond earrings fallen, her headpiece of black grapes come undone.

Mlle Vinteuil recalling a spell of very hot weather at Montjouvain.

Saniette waiting for thunder that never comes.

The affable Babal Bréauté.

Mme de Marsantes

Gísèle sur la plage à Balbec.


Octave, listening to La Voix Humaine.


Tomato Twin no.1

M. Nissim Bernard, understanding how resemblance is often only external.

Tomato Twin no. 2

Marie-Antoinette, Jupien's niece, at her
first soirée as Charlus' inheritor, Mlle. d'Oloron.