Wednesday, March 21, 2007

La Boissiere en hiver

The drawings enlarge when clicked.
Pen and ink on Arches 190lb watercolor paper, five pieces 7.5 x 22.25 inches; five pieces, 6.75 x 4 inches on one matted panel, 28 February through 13 March, 2007. Photography by RAN, Canon Eos.

Three of the longer drawings and the panel with five smaller drawings will be exhibited in May at the 3rd Annual Flore et Fauna Show, a regional art show, held in the district of Lot-et–Garonne. Three towns are involved; these drawings will be hung in the Salle des Fetes in Cunege, a town near Soumensac, where the drawings were made.
“Drawing trees again, leafless wintry trees, lots of twigs, stems, branches, limbs, trunks, roots, all scratches and sticks. Lots of bramble. The woods that grow in full copse or lined in hedgerows at the edges of fields. They frame the landscape. Black and white, things you’ve seen and watched me draw, but starting over from down at the boney end again. The Waterman I borrowed from Beth has too thick a nib; I bought a Staebler drawing pen in Bergerac.


All that Gothic suggestion in the criss-crossed, spindly woods. Some Romanesque to it, but it is the pointy grill work, the silhouette of Ste. Chapelle that shows through the barky arches more than the abbey at Cluny, or St. Sernin at Toulouse.


This is my first winter in France; the rainy, blustery weather is as restorative as a glass from Couronnreau after the dry weather day-after-day in California. It is the end of winter, nothing too cold or harsh is left of what they say is a mild winter. We saw no snow; plenty of rainbows, the smell of leaves and fallen branches burning in smoky piles on half-sunny late afternoons nicely mixing with the licorice splash of Ricard and soda. Only grass green and evergreen, then some budding on the trees, early leafing, then the yellows, then the celadon pasture and too quick the first day of Spring.


Ali looked at the drawings after tea on one of the days R&D were in London and I and Valucci and Valenqui, (the two cats to be exhibited themselves at the Flore et Fauna show, transparently, in Rinaldo's three paintings) were left surrounded by the trees and the view and the complete tranquility of La Boissiere. Ali liked the drawings, said they looked ‘sinister’. Avril and Freddy looked at them laid out on a table in her kitchen the night we ate at the truck stop. Avril called them ‘a little scary in their way… in a way I like”.

I like the comments. Don't mind a little scary at the edge of the forest. I wonder just where little Valenqui caught the field mouse she gave to Valucci at the back door of the house, what part of the woods it came from, where it played before."
~Excerpts from letter to CStP, 7.III.07

Friday, March 09, 2007

La Boissière in winter

Pen and ink on paper, app. 6.75x8 inches, 28 February 2007. These are camera phone details.

There is really too much to do; to see, feel, think, eat and drink these days to put up a proper post. I will try to do better in California, and I will try my best not to be lost and sad, sleepy, discordant, unamused to be gone from Lot-et-Garonne.