Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Monday, August 28, 2006

Three Views

This water color was painted in 2002 and was first posted with three others in January of 2005. It looks down the drive to the gate of The Tranquil Cottage, the home of my friends, Ronaldo Notto and Darrell André in Southwest France. It looks out to the road beyond, one way to Loubes, the other way to Eymet or Duras or Bordeaux, or wherever you want to go in the world.
I stayed with them the summer of 2002, painted there, then wrote an essay about it and other experiences when I came home.
You can read the essay here if you like: Three Views

Famous Pets Dept.

This is a quick sketch of Angela Marie's cat, Mr. Mickey Blue Eyes. I am going to attempt a portrait of him over the next few weeks. Angie is my cousin.

Meanwhile, Coco of the Caribbean spent the weekend looking for buried treasure and Johnny Depp.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

The Painted Alhambra

A notebook drawing...

...redone in MSPaint.

Sea demasiado nunca suficiente.

Pages from a Spanish notebook

The road to Torredonjimenos and Jaen curving up the hill with olive trees, the old man who sits near the farmhouse is a speck on the dirt road, and the church of StAmador, from the terrace at Martos, 30 September 2005.

Brian Savile and Rafael Cruz-Conde in their garden on the left, and on the right a drawing of the Alhambra at Granada, 6 November 2005.

I am holding the notebook in my lefthand, the camera phone in my right.

Off the road and up a canyon near Antequeros, driving through a storm with snow at the summit, on the way from Martos to Malaga and Fuengirola on the coast, 13 November 2005.

I am a passenger, drawing quickly in the back seat of Rafael's car for the 15 seconds it takes to pass the view. I finish the drawing later, after breakfast the next day.

Looking towards the incline up to Micas from the terrace at Mary's in Sierrezuelo, above Fuengirola, 8 October 2005.

Fuengirola, 6 October 2006.

Mary Bagshaw in her sitting room with a toy dog in her arms below a portrait of her grandfather in her sitting room at Sierrezuelo, 20 October 2005.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Coco at the beach

Hey check out the continuing story of the little doggie at Bethie's Blog!

The Uptown mezzanine panels

This is Raudel Wilson and me hanging the panels along the mezzanine railing at the nightclub on Telegraph Avenue in Oakland. Raudel is a good friend, he's also running for a city council seat in Berkeley this fall, here's his website, check him out. Grace is Raudel's wife, she took the photos on the 8th 0f August 2005.

The Labrynth

This is a detail of The Labrynth, the painting I made for Neil Sheehan and Tamara Nation in 2004. The detail shows an Athenean youth holding Ariadne's thread, the strand that insured her return with Theseus from The Underworld after the slaying of the Minotaur. The thread in the painting is glued and varnished to the painting.

The painting is acrylic on canvas, 5x10 feet. Neil took these photos, that's their sofa along the bottom of the frame.

Here Thesues and Ariadne confront the Minotaur while the Children of Athens follow behind on the stairs.

You can just make out the same Anthenean youth holding the thread, sitting on an arch to the right and up from The Beatles. Daedalus, the builder of the Labrynth, is pushing up a column in the lower left.

Here Pasiphae, Queen of Crete, holds the baby Minotaur in her arms. Mt Ida erupts at the lower left while revelers dance at the death of the Minotaur.

Above is my favorite section of the painting.
It is called, "What's for dinner?

This is a preliminary drawing for the painting.

Post card of San Francisco

This is a watercolor, it was done in '03 and sent to Rafael in Martos. It sits in a gilt frame on a table by the entrance to his house. The house is in this aerial Video de Martos I think, a white cube on the left at about 15 through 25 seconds.

Uptown flyers 1

Uptown flyers 2

Here's Ron Thompson:

Uptown flyers 3