Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Green Valley Ranch

Green Valley Ranch, 1983, watercolor on paper, 15x22 inches. Photograph by Greg Reeder.
The post card image for the 1984 Lawson Gallery show.
Crossing the dam to a corner bank of the Home Pond, just out of sight of the boat dock where you read and sleep in the afternoon, I have time enough to start this painting, to root the trees at least, laurels and oaks, time enough to run color up and down a trunk, curl a branch, drop in some leafy sploge before the sun falls and gets us both up.

My paint box snaps shut. The clink of your glass, then the smell of the grill is on top of the breeze.

One night you look at the finished painting and tell me you’re reminded of that movie by Antonioni… the sound of the wind in the foliage and the magnified frames… the grains of the photograph in the development tray…the rustling...they're the same.

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